A 25-minute vacation?

Is it possible to feel like you’ve been on a vacation in 25 minutes or less?

My answer to that is YES.  I experienced it today.  Twice.

I finished my last afternoon appointment and took a detour home.  Just because I felt like it.  It was a great decision because it turned out to be my surprise mini vacation today.

The detour took me through less travelled roads lined with houses that are custom built.  I drove slowly to enjoy the architecture.  Then I saw this one street that leads to the waterfront.

There was public parking space for maybe 3 cars.  Mine was the only one on the street.

I got out of my car and saw a blue heron in the water, fishing.  It saw a target, and dove in with its full body for the catch.  It came back up empty-handed.  That’s what it looked like, unless it already ate its lunch under water. 🙂  The heron continued to stand in the same spot, very still, and wait.  What a patient creature.

The scenery and the opportunity to observe a heron in its daily life took me away from my daily routine.  Even though it was only 20 or 25 minutes, I felt I was away on vacation.  Afterall, isn’t that what we seek when we go on vacation?  Something different from our daily routine?


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