friendships made at International Gathering

Dear Friends of International Gathering,

Our next meeting is on May 1, 2015, at the Redmond Library, from 11 to 12:30, Meeting Room 1.  The intent of this meeting is to promote friendship and understanding among cultures.

We have been meeting for over 4 years.  Beautiful friendships have been made here.  There is a spirit of community among members who have known each other overtime.

We are always welcoming new members, forming new friendships, enjoying wonderful conversations on all kinds of topics.  It is informal.  The goal is to meet new friends and  in the process, learning more about cultures around the world.

See you on May 1st.


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International Gathering meets this Friday, April 3rd

Dear Friends of International Gathering,

Our next meeting is this Friday, April 3rd, at Redmond Library, Meeting Room 1, from 11 to 12:30.  We’ll be discussing possibilities for a day trip this spring, in addition to our regular visit.

Our meeting is a place where people of all cultures can meet new friends, learn about other cultures, and for immigrants to find others who share their transitional experience.

See you this Friday!


International Gathering on February 6, 2015

The next International Gathering is on February 6th, from 11 to 12:30 at Redmond Library, Meeting Room 1.  Chinese New Year is in February this year, so we will be celebrating it ahead of time.

January International Gathering is 2nd week

 Our next International Gathering is Friday, January , 2015.  Although we usually meet the 1st Friday of each month, we are moving this month’s meeting to the 9th because the 1st Friday is a long weekend.  Many of our friends may be spending time with their families.


We are now meeting in the morning from 11 to 12:30.  Same place.  Redmond Library, Meeting Room 1.  If you are bringing children to the meeting, please pack their favorite toys so they would not feel bored.


I look forward to seeing you in 2015.

December 6th International Gathering – career transition

Our next International Gathering is Friday, December 6th, 2013.  It is also the 3rd year anniversary of the International Gathering.


Our planned topic is:  When we move to a new country, we sometimes find ourselves re-inventing our career, our self.  Some of us moved here because our spouse's company relocated us.  Some of us left very successful careers at home in order to accompany our spouse.  In a new country where we have to build our contacts all over, what are some strategies that we find helpful in supporting us through this process?

Please share what has helped you so we can all benefit from one another.

Where:  Redmond Library

15990 N.E. 85th St

Meeting Room 2

Redmond, WA

Time:  1-3 pm

Keep life exciting in the NW after summer

What to do in Seattle and Washington State after summer

Now that we have more rain to nourish the earth, let's turn our attention to keeping the Fall season just as enjoyable as the summer in the Northwest.

Washington State is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.  Be a tourist and explore what it has to offer.  You don't always have to get on a plane for a different scenery. 🙂

Here are some ideas, ranging from a few days to an afternoon:

1)  I was watching Northwest Backroads, and heard about a ranch in Washington where you can have the "cowboy/cowgirl" experience.

2)  Cascade Loop is known for its beauty and the Fall colors.  This link provides great info.

3)   I heard that there are 6 festivals in Leavenworth every year.  This is a town that knows its tourist industry.     

Closer to home…

4)  Theo Chocolate in Fremont offers tours

5)  You can have afternoon tea (or lunch) at Queen Mary Tea Room, not far from University of Washington.

6)  For a smell of Hawaii, you can buy a fresh lei (shipped from Hawaii every week) at the Hawaiian General Store (near U.W. Seattle)

7)  Keep summer around by visiting Volunteer Park Conservatory.  Enjoy the orchids and tropical plants all-year-round.

8)  Then stop by a neighborhood cafe (not even the locals know about this cafe!)

9)  Email me with more of your ideas of how to enjoy Fall in the Northwest!


Here's to feeling good all-year-round !




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How to maintain healthy indoor air quality


How to keep the air quality inside my home healthy


My doctor, Mary Jane Mack, taught me the following to keep the air quality inside my home healthy.  I am not referring to vacuuming or dusting.  However clean your home is, bacteria lives inside the drains, and bacteria is air-borne.  Especially with the climate in the Northwest, we often keep our windows closed much of the time, so we are even more affected by indoor air quality.


The product I use is "Instant Power mainline Drain Cleaner".  There is no odor.

128 oz. Main Line Cleaner

You can buy it at Home Depot in the plumbing aisle.  It's also available in some retail stores.  You can do a search online.  The link to Home Depot is

For each drain in your home, slowly pour 1/2 gallon (that's half the bottle) down the drain. (except the toilet.  I'll talk about that later.)


For the drain used most –probably the bathtub / shower drain (with hair and hair product going through it) I would use the entire gallon the first time you ever do the drains.

(It is a good idea to wear gloves and glasses when you are doing this, just in case.  If any gets on the skin, rinse with water first and then white vinegar.)


Let the drain cleaner sit for 7 hours (maybe it's more convenient if you do this before you go to sleep)

Then before you use the drain again the next morning, boil some hot water and pour it down each drain, then run hot water down each drain for about 5 minutes.


You are done!

For the toilet, you can use either

Chlorox (lemon-scented smells better) about 2 cups


Bio-kleen Bac Out Drain Care Gel (the first time you do this, use 1/2 bottle)

(Bio-kleen smells good and is environmentally friendly)

Leave it in the toilet for several hours (or overnight) then brush and flush.
You are done!
I maintain the air quality inside my home by repeating this every month.  But the quantity I use for maintenance is:
Mainline drain cleaner (3 cups for each drain)
For toilet, 4 ounces Bio-kleen or 2 cups chlorox (lemon-scented smells nicer)
This will help a great deal with maintaining good air quality inside the home (or anywhere with a drain indoor!)  
Again, this has nothing to do how well you clean your home or how often you have your windows open.  Bacteria lives inside drains, however clean your space is.  These products are a great help. 
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Small supportive ESL group classes starting October 1st

New small group ESL  classes begin October 1st.    Register now by emailing

Speak English like a Native

Please Correct my Pronunciation

Supportive English Conversation Group

Feeling Connected in my Community

Group size is limited to 6 per class to ensure quality and individual attention.  See full description here

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International Gathering this Friday August 2 Interesting places in NW

A quick reminder that the next International Gathering is this Friday, August 2, at the Redmond Library from 1-3 pm, Meeting Room 2.
The following are topics we may explore:
1.  I know a number of you have been visiting places in the Northwest.  Please share your favorite with us so we too can go visit them.
2.  A number of you have met friends from many cultures in the past year or so.  Have you noticed some traditions you find interesting that you would like to include as part of YOUR personal traditions?
Please feel free to extend an invitation to friends of yours who may enjoy visiting the International Gathering.
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English Conversation classes starting August 1st

Hi Everyone, 

I'm delighted to be offering a new series of English Conversation Classes starting August 1st.  There will be 2 Intermediate Conversation groups, 2 Advanced Conversation groups, and a course on Communicating with Americans.

Here is the link to the class descriptions.

Class size is limited to 6 people each group to ensure quality and individual attention.

Please register by July 21st by emailing

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