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Recommended Books for English Learning

My ESL clients often ask for recommendations on how to improve their grammar and vocabulary.  Here are a couple of books.  They are both available on  The grammar book is available in most public libraries. Basic Grammar In Use,

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Jimmy Carter new book A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety

President Jimmy Carter’s new book just came out.  It is A Full Life:  Reflections at Ninety. This man and his wife, Rosalyn, have been working tiredlessly through the Carter Center to help people in less prosperous countries so they can

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How to Practice Grammar Learning in Daily Life

2 days ago, I wrote a blog recommending some books to learn grammar on your own.  If you wish to read that blog first, please  click here.   Today, I want to give examples of how to use what you

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Turn Holiday Photos Into Income

Some international friends are considering different careers now that they are in the U.S.   Perhaps part-time careers so they can take care of their family and still have a flexible schedule. 2 ideas came to mind.   I attended a

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