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A 25-minute vacation?

Is it possible to feel like you’ve been on a vacation in 25 minutes or less? My answer to that is YES.  I experienced it today.  Twice. I finished my last afternoon appointment and took a detour home.  Just because

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Turn Holiday Photos Into Income

Some international friends are considering different careers now that they are in the U.S.   Perhaps part-time careers so they can take care of their family and still have a flexible schedule. 2 ideas came to mind.   I attended a

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Keep life exciting in the NW after summer

What to do in Seattle and Washington State after summer Now that we have more rain to nourish the earth, let's turn our attention to keeping the Fall season just as enjoyable as the summer in the Northwest. Washington State

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English Conversation classes starting August 1st

Hi Everyone,  I'm delighted to be offering a new series of English Conversation Classes starting August 1st.  There will be 2 Intermediate Conversation groups, 2 Advanced Conversation groups, and a course on Communicating with Americans. Here is the link to

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Immigrants: Do this to help yourself

What can immigrants do to adjust more easily to life in Seattle? (Part I)     First of all, Happy New Year, and welcome to Seattle!   Moving from one country to another usually comes with excitement and challenges.  

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