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Fun movies to warm up winter days

In case you want some light-hearted movies for the cold winter days, here are some that warm your heart… The holiday, Dave, The American President, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Ratatouille,

Keep life exciting in the NW after summer

What to do in Seattle and Washington State after summer Now that we have more rain to nourish the earth, let's turn our attention to keeping the Fall season just as enjoyable as the summer in the Northwest. Washington State

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Light up your Seattle rainy days

Light up your Seattle rainy days !   I actually know friends who love the rain.  I also know many who don't know how they can get through Seattle/s rainy season. If you belong to the second group, here's something

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How to maintain healthy indoor air quality

  How to keep the air quality inside my home healthy   My doctor, Mary Jane Mack, taught me the following to keep the air quality inside my home healthy.  I am not referring to vacuuming or dusting.  However clean

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