December 6th International Gathering – career transition

Our next International Gathering is Friday, December 6th, 2013.  It is also the 3rd year anniversary of the International Gathering.


Our planned topic is:  When we move to a new country, we sometimes find ourselves re-inventing our career, our self.  Some of us moved here because our spouse's company relocated us.  Some of us left very successful careers at home in order to accompany our spouse.  In a new country where we have to build our contacts all over, what are some strategies that we find helpful in supporting us through this process?

Please share what has helped you so we can all benefit from one another.

Where:  Redmond Library

15990 N.E. 85th St

Meeting Room 2

Redmond, WA

Time:  1-3 pm

One comment on “December 6th International Gathering – career transition
  1. Many International relocations may be helped by a certificate program in continuing education or courses on cultural competency and doing business or being in a US work environment.

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