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August 7th International Gathering Promotes Friendship Among Cultures

Dear Friends of International Gathering, As usual, our gathering last month felt warm and supportive.  And we welcome back Maria from Denmark!  One of our friends is launching an adventure in her new career, and invited our input.  So we

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friendships made at International Gathering

Dear Friends of International Gathering, Our next meeting is on May 1, 2015, at the Redmond Library, from 11 to 12:30, Meeting Room 1.  The intent of this meeting is to promote friendship and understanding among cultures. We have been

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International Gathering this Friday August 2 Interesting places in NW

A quick reminder that the next International Gathering is this Friday, August 2, at the Redmond Library from 1-3 pm, Meeting Room 2.   The following are topics we may explore: 1.  I know a number of you have been

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International Gathering meets July 5th in Redmond Library

Hi Everyone, The International Gathering will meet next Friday, July 5th, in Redmond Library, from 1-3pm, Meeting Room 2. International Gathering is a monthly meeting open to the public, created to promote understanding and friendships among cultures.  It is also

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International Gathering June 7th at Redmond Library

You are invited to the June 7th, 2013 International Gathering at the Redmond Library next Friday from 1-3 pm, Conference Room 2. International Gathering is created to bring people together who want to learn about cultures from around the world.

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Education systems in your country

Welcome to the International Gathering held Friday, October 5th, at Crossroads Shopping Center. Our topic this month is.  Please share with us the education system in your culture.  What are the values imprinted on the minds of students from a

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Favorite Vacation Spots for International Travellers

Favorite vacation spots for international travellers at International Gathering this Friday, September 7th.

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International Gathering February 4, 2012

Our International Gathering on February 4th at Crossroads Shopping Center was fun and we learned a lot of interesting information about other cultures.  The meeting was only 2 hours long, but new friends stayed another hour to chat with each

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International Gathering discussed how new year is celebrated in different cultures

Our January 7th International Gathering was a fun group from China, Russia, India, Seattle, and Hong Kong.  We discussed how new year is celebrated in different cultures.  As usual, we also sidetracked to other interesting topics.  Here is a link

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cultural diversity training by customer

I was shopping at my regular supermarket today and encountered a new employee at the meat department.  This supermarket is known for its excellent customer service, by the way. The new employee that served me tossed the package across the

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