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How to Practice Grammar Learning in Daily Life

2 days ago, I wrote a blog recommending some books to learn grammar on your own.¬† If you wish to read that blog first, please¬† click here.   Today, I want to give examples of how to use what you

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English Conversation classes starting August 1st

Hi Everyone,  I'm delighted to be offering a new series of English Conversation Classes starting August 1st.  There will be 2 Intermediate Conversation groups, 2 Advanced Conversation groups, and a course on Communicating with Americans. Here is the link to

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International Gathering meets July 5th in Redmond Library

Hi Everyone, The International Gathering will meet next Friday, July 5th, in Redmond Library, from 1-3pm, Meeting Room 2. International Gathering is a monthly meeting open to the public, created to promote understanding and friendships among cultures.  It is also

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what to do in Seattle this summer

If you are new to Seattle and looking for fun things to do this summer, here are some activities to consider. http://seattleenglishesl.com/archives/274

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International Gathering discussed how new year is celebrated in different cultures

Our January 7th International Gathering was a fun group from China, Russia, India, Seattle, and Hong Kong.  We discussed how new year is celebrated in different cultures.  As usual, we also sidetracked to other interesting topics.  Here is a link

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International Gathering Dec 3 Crossroads Shopping Mall

The International Gathering is changing its location to Crossroads Shopping Mall.  We will be meeting next to the stage, (by JoAnn) this Saturday, December 3rd, from 1-3.   Meet new friends, learn about other cultures.  Chat over a cup of

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New location for International Gathering

We are moving the International Gathering to Crossroads Shopping Mall, right next to the stage!  We will have a sign at our table that says International Gathering.   The Crossroads Shopping Mall attracts shoppers from many countries.  This is the

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International Gathering hosted by City of Bellevue

Great News! The City of Bellevue learned about our International Gathering, and has graciously offered to host the event for us from now on. Our next gathering is October 1st, Saturday, from 1-3pm.   The new location is Crossroads Community

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International Gathering this Saturday, May 21

  Once a month, I host an international gathering for those interested in meeting new friends from different cultures.  This meeting is also for immigrants and international students who want to meet others sharing similar experience. Our next meeting will

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How to improve English accent and pronunciation

One of the most common requests from my ESL clients is "I want to improve my English pronunciation.  I want my accent to sound more (in this case) American."  There are practices I recommend to my ESL clients to improve

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