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August 7th International Gathering Promotes Friendship Among Cultures

Dear Friends of International Gathering, As usual, our gathering last month felt warm and supportive.  And we welcome back Maria from Denmark!  One of our friends is launching an adventure in her new career, and invited our input.  So we

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friendships made at International Gathering

Dear Friends of International Gathering, Our next meeting is on May 1, 2015, at the Redmond Library, from 11 to 12:30, Meeting Room 1.  The intent of this meeting is to promote friendship and understanding among cultures. We have been

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International Gathering June 7th at Redmond Library

You are invited to the June 7th, 2013 International Gathering at the Redmond Library next Friday from 1-3 pm, Conference Room 2. International Gathering is created to bring people together who want to learn about cultures from around the world.

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Favorite tourist destinations

  Our next International Gathering will be on September 7,2012, from 1-3pm.   It will be at the Crossroads Shopping Center Bellevue, 15600 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA.  Look for us near QFC.  Our table will have the sign "International Gathering."

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International Gathering May topic honors Mother’s Day

Our May's meeting is one week before Mother's Day.  To honor women, our May's topic is about women and their contributions.   How do women contribute to society in your culture?  What are their roles?  Who are the women that shape

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International ESL Conversation Helpful to immigrants

The international ESL Conversation gathering on January 15th was another meaningful connection among immigrants from different countries. We learned about each other, educated ourselves about other countries through questions and sharing, and connected each other with appropriate resources. We are

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International Community 1st Meeting a success

Our first international community gathering had a great turn out!  In addition to U.S., we had friends from China, Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, India, Russia, and Italy. After our introductions, we mingled and chat with each other.  Some were there to

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