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International Gathering meets July 5th in Redmond Library

Hi Everyone, The International Gathering will meet next Friday, July 5th, in Redmond Library, from 1-3pm, Meeting Room 2. International Gathering is a monthly meeting open to the public, created to promote understanding and friendships among cultures.  It is also

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What I learned from my international clients

The following is an article I wrote on What I learned from my international clients.  Here is a link to it.   http://www.komonews.com/communities/bellevue/196109031.html    

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International Gathering hosted by City of Bellevue

Great News! The City of Bellevue learned about our International Gathering, and has graciously offered to host the event for us from now on. Our next gathering is October 1st, Saturday, from 1-3pm.   The new location is Crossroads Community

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July 23 International Gathering at Bellevue Regional Library

I host an international gathering monthly for 2 purposes.  One is for those interested in meeting new friends from other countries and learning about other cultures.  Another purpose is to provide a place for immigrants to share their experience of

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International Gathering this Saturday, May 21

  Once a month, I host an international gathering for those interested in meeting new friends from different cultures.  This meeting is also for immigrants and international students who want to meet others sharing similar experience. Our next meeting will

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International ESL Conversation Gathering

Our next International Gathering to meet friends from around the world will be held this Friday, April 8th, from 1-3pm at the Bellevue Regional Library.   The address is: 1111 – 110th Ave NE Bellevue, WA Bring your friends who

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