Testimonials from ESL and Corporate Clients

These are some feedback from Estrella Chan’s international clients who have worked with her in Seattle.  Estrella’s ESL clients come from professions including software, biotech, aerospace, journalism, engineering, and medical fields.   She customizes her English programs for each individual and each company.

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Dear Estrella,

I am very grateful for all the support that I received from you. I feel very good about my improvement this last month.

When I arrived Seattle a month ago, I felt a little afraid to speak in English with other people in my job, by phone… I thought that my level was very low. But now, I have learnt that I mustn’t be afraid to speak with other people. Just try it in conference calls,


Ángel Pacheco   Alstom Grid | International Sales Organization | Strategic Key Account Manager, Spain

Dear Ms. Estrella:

I want to thank you for being an excellent coach! I appreciate your support, your patience, your ability to share knowledge, your time and so much more!

Definitely you taught me some techniques that I had never heard before when someone is trying to improve his/her English. Your non-traditional method makes you learn English faster rather than the traditional one. With your technique, you don’t even notice in which moment you learn English until you realize you’ve made progress!


Karla Alvarez   Mexico

As I wanted to improve my communicative skills in English, I learned to know Estrella. I can say, it was the best thing that could happen to me during this difficult time of cultural transition in Seattle… Estrella’s great gift to listen to people helped me a lot at easing all the tension living in foreign environment without knowing any or just a few people in Seattle…

Estrella is not just a good teacher for me, but also a great support, a guide full of understanding, patience and interesting and fresh ideas. Thank you.


Miroslava Rohacova   Slovakia

Hi! My name is André, and I am a French student in the first year to become an engineer. Once a week, we have an English oral exam. It consists of commenting on an article (The Economist, NYT style), 15 minutes to read it, 20 minutes to perform & questions. This is a very feared exam. But not for me. Indeed, I had the opportunity to work a few times with Estrella CHAN to improve my phrasing, accent (I’m french after all!) and presentation.


Andre Benoit   Engineering Student, France

Estrella is a wonderful teacher. She was helping me to improve fluency of my 3 minute sales pitch for my business. Estrella is very creative in finding various ways to develop my 3 minute sales pitch. I definitely recommend Estrella’s services to anybody who would like to make significant progress in speaking English, and getting the confidence to speak in public.

Hawa A.

I researched ESL trainers and after many glowing recommendations, hired Estrella Chan, M.Ed., for a 10 week English as a Second Language program. She carefully assessed our employees’ language skills and goals for the program. Included in her assessment was MEC’s current and future work needs for these individuals. The program was a grand success! She gave us more than what we ever expected. The employees really enjoyed Estrella and appreciated the company’s support of such a program. Should you hire her you will have a consultant who is totally dedicated to the success of those she trains and will work with management to ensure your goals are met.


Carol M. Olsby   AdministrationManager, MicroComputer Electronics Corp.

I am a software engineer. I knew my career would be better if I improve my English. When I started to work with Estrella, we focused on adjusting my pronunciation so it’s more clear. We also spend time improving my conversational English so I can chit chat with my co-workers. She asked about my career goals and dreams and advised me on American cultural skills I did not know about. I worked with her 6 times. One skill she showed me was interesting and new to me,


T.K.   Software industries

Estrella worked with my son Zachary who is a 16 year old student. Both Zach and I were immediately attracted to her. Estrella has a way of making everyone she meets instantly comfortable and she is a gifted tutor. She understands and values the student above the subject and because of this she builds instant trust with her students. If you are looking for a tutor who will not only help your student master the subject but also fall in love with learning then you must consider Estrella.


Pam Hoelzle   Business Consultant and Speaker, Washington

I wish I had an IT company so I can snatch him up for my team. ” This is what Estrella said in a recommendation letter which she voluntarily wrote for me. We could tell how thoughtful she is from so many things she gave us during the 8 weeks of business communication classes at UW. My peers including myself are all non-English native speakers and everyone asked her to help improve their English speaking skills in varied ways upon individual requests.


Kyoung-Jin (KJ) Lee   Global Executive MBA student, University of Washington

I am an engineer from Vietnam. In my performance review, my boss told me to improve my English. The HR director referred me to Estrella Chan. Estrella helps me with my pronunciation because my co-workers had a hard time understanding what I say sometimes. I tell her about other problems at work, and she explains cultural differences to me. She makes suggestion how I can make things better. I learn a lot from Estrella. Not only English. I worked with her for several months.


Jan D.   Software Engineer

At first I was hesitant entrusting such an important essay as a college application to a complete stranger. However, I really needed the help and this service I found was my last resort before giving up. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t have been accepted into my first choice university without Estrella’s help. Upon sending her my first draft she quickly identified my structural needs and gave concise advice on how to improve my essay. My essay flew back and forth as I got to personally know Estrella until my essay was exactly what the college admissions board was looking for.


C.H.   Student of Marketing, Seattle, Washington

Estrella has a unique way of teaching. She does not use typical teaching material. At first I was uneasy, but soon I realized that the reason I improved my English so quickly was because we started conversing immediately. It works like magic! We discussed topics that interest me. Estrella let me take the lead in exploring the subject. I find that my absorption of English accelerated because I was interested in the topics we discussed. Estrella taught me not only the language but also about American culture and how American companies think.


Akira Sugito   Information Technology Consultant, Japan

You did a superb job with our English class. Thanks for your expertise, enthusiasm and caring attitude about our employees.

Laurie Luongo   Director of Human Resources, The Westin Hotel Seattle

…individuals previously experiencing severe difficulty with certification tests (a passing grade is required to work on certain projects) are now well prepared for and readily pass these exams…

John Knapp   HR Manager, Pacific Electro Dynamics, Washington

Estrella’s enthusiasm and teaching style made each employee feel comfortable in the group, allowing them to share and learn freely. This was a key factor in the outcome. The supervisors said the motivation level of the participants have increased 100%. They are more friendly and more eager to ask questions. Their communication skills have noticeably improved.

Marla Koreis   HR Supervisor, Korry Electronics, Washington

I remember in your English conversation class…I do not have to push myself to speak out because the atmosphere in the class just makes me talk without worrying about my bad English grammar. I remember even the quietest student in the class talked.

Yihreng Lin   Finance, United Kingdom

She is great! She is friendly and makes me feel comfortable. Whenever I ask her for some help, she always tries to do her best and helps me more than I expected.

Han Wool Baek   Industrial Engineering, Korea

Estrella is a quite unique teacher who uses a variety of unique teaching techniques. I believe she has a very personalized approach for each person she works with. At least I felt it. For some of you who may be thinking right now whether she can really help you I would like to share my personal learning experience. Estrella gives you absolute freedom to choose an area you want to talk with her about and she lets you talk. Moreover,


Oleg Shmytov   Software Engineering, Washington


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