Turn Holiday Photos Into Income

Some international friends are considering different careers now that they are in the U.S.   Perhaps part-time careers so they can take care of their family and still have a flexible schedule.

2 ideas came to mind.


I attended a conference in Calgary, Canada.  After learning an online program on Travel Writing that I bought from AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), I decided to test it out.

I contacted the manager about writing an article on the hotel.  The end result was…I was upgraded to the VIP floor at this Fairmont Hotel (the same floor that Queen Elizabeth stayed in), had lunch with the General Manager, and my article was published.  I could hardly believe it was so easy.


Since my international friends have travelled to many countries, if they enjoy writing, they can benefit from this online program.  And if they are worried about their written English, they can write the draft and have someone from Elance.com or Guru.com edit their writing before submitting the article.


The other idea I thought of is for those who like to take photographs.  With the countries they have visited, they must have hundreds of photographs, if not thousands.  These can be sold online.  And there’s an online program that teaches you how to turn your travel photographs into cash.


I like the AWAI programs because they are practical and easy to follow.  And they are taught by people who actually do that as their career.  So their ideas are practical.


Here are a couple of links for those who want to explore either the Travel Writing or Photography program.

Turn Your Pictures Into Cash

Travel Writer’s Life


I hope you find both prosperity and fun from them!


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