Seattle English ESL


I can help you with...​

English Fluency

My goal is to help you increase your English fluency so you can communicate confidently in any situation. I do this by listening to your needs, then customize my work with you. Besides English fluency, I can help you fine-tune presentations that appeal to an American audience, and connect you with people in your community.

If you wonder whether this service could meet your English and cultural transition needs, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

Career Advancement

If you want to:

  • present your ideas with more impact
  • advance in your career more quickly
  • be more visible in your company
  • understand your new culture more deeply
  • have your abilities recognized in the U.S., even though you are already very accomplished

Contact me to discuss your goals.

Making Connections

Making new friends will help a lot in feeling at home in your new city. Connecting with others reduces the stress of isolation in a new environment, especially when you need to use a foreign language everyday.

I help to connect you with friends who share your interests. I also help you to better understand the new culture, so you interact with locals more smoothly.

Contact me to see how I can help!