ESL Services

Services for individuals

  • English fluency
  • Presentation skills / Public speaking
  • Interview skills
  • Making connections

English fluency

  • Communicate more easily with Americans
  • Understand this culture more deeply
  • Increase confidence in your English conversational skills
  • Understand fast English speakers

Presentation skills / Public speaking

  • Fine-tune your presentation for an American audience
  • Learn non-verbal communication skills for this culture
  • Express your ideas more concisely
  • Learn how to capture your audience’s attention

Interview skills

  • Fine-tune your answers before an interview
  • Express your thoughts precisely and concisely
  • Use non-verbal communication to increase effectiveness
  • How to interact with interviewers

Making connections

  • Connect with local business professionals
  • Meet new friends who share your interests
  • How to be a part of your community
  • Learn how to network in this culture

Services for corporations

  • Private ESL coaching for executives and managers
  • Help international employees participate in discussions
  • Help to create an atmosphere that feels welcoming to all cultures

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