Estrella Chan helps you quickly increase English fluency, master presentation skills to impress an American audience, and prepare for interviews.  

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About Estrella…

Estrella Chan has been teaching English as a second language for over three decades to clients from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. 

By the time she began her teaching career, she had already lived in three cultures very different from one another. This experience helps her empathize with her clients’ transition
as they build a new home in the U.S., and her in-depth understanding of the
American culture gives her insights on how to help her clients succeed sooner
in their new country.

Her educational background

Estrella received her Master’s degree in English as a Second Language and in Higher Education from the University of Washington. She did her undergraduate studies at Seattle University, and received her Bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education.

ESL programs in the workplace

Estrella is a pioneer in bringing ESL to the workplace in the Pacific Northwest. On the first day she set foot in her college classroom, she recognized the need to support ESL speakers in their work environment, where they use English the most.

Long before the Northwest was ready for this idea, Estrella spoke to corporations about creating ESL programs that tailor to the company’s needs. Within a decade, colleges and social service agencies followed her lead, and now ESL classes in the workplace is not uncommon in the Greater Seattle area.

Publications featuring her work

Estrella recognizes that her international clients not only need to enhance their English skills, but also how to interact effectively with their American colleagues.  She coaches them on how to advance in U.S. companies. American managers seek her advice to communicate more effectively with international employees.

Her articles on intercultural communication have been published in the Puget Sound Business Journal, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Puget Sound
Business Journal, The China News, The Citizens Newspaper, 
and Cultural Diversity at Work Newsletter.

Her Clients

Estrella provides private English lessons for immigrant professionals and their family members in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond.  Her clients include Microsoft engineers, dignitaries, executives, publicists, entertainers, visiting scholars, scientists, journalists, attorneys, and doctors. She also works with her clients online.

In addition to private English lessons, Estrella creates ESL programs that are customized to the unique needs of companies in the Pacific Northwest. Among Estrella’s corporate clients are the Westin Hotel, Stouffer Madison Hotel, Physio-Control, Korry Electronics, Pacific Electro Dynamics, ATL, Sundog, MicroComputer Electronics, Universal Avionics, Harland Financial Services, Micro Computer Corporation, Zillow, and the University of Washington.

As a speaker

As a public speaker, Estrella’s audience includes New York’s Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau, Workforce 2000, Superintendent of Public Instruction, national and regional conferences for educators, human resources round tables, and rotary clubs. She has also been a guest speaker of Toastmasters International.


Estrella Chan was nominated for the Woodring College’s Excellence in Teaching Award. She was invited by Governor Mike Lowry of Washington State to contribute her input for the School-to-Work Development Grant.    Estrella was also nominated for the Leadership Eastside Network Inspiration Awards in 2012, and for the Seattle Globalist’s first annual Globie Awards in 2013.

Community interests

Estrella recognizes that many
new immigrants do not have friends or family in their new country.  To help them build a network of support, Estrella created International Gathering, a group that meets regularly to nurture understanding and friendship among cultures.  Many members in this group
have become friends and continue to celebrate one another’s birthday every

Estrella also served as president of Business Professional Women Bellevue Chapter from 2011 to 2013. BPW was founded in 1919, and contributed to women winning the rights to vote in the U.S..  Today, it continues to promote equity for women in the workplace. During her two terms as president, Estrella increased the visibility of the organization in the local community, and brought in many speakers of diverse cultures. 

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