Akira Sugito, Information Technology Consultant, Japan

Estrella has a unique way of teaching. She does not use typical teaching material. At first I was uneasy, but soon I realized that the reason I improved my English so quickly was because we started conversing immediately. It works like magic! We discussed topics that interest me. Estrella let me take the lead in exploring the subject. I find that my absorption of English accelerated because I was interested in the topics we discussed. Estrella taught me not only the language but also about American culture and how American companies think.  I work in Japan, but my company considered having me participate in an international project which required more English skills than I had. Therefore, it became necessary for me to communicate more fluently in English as well as understanding our customers’ cultural thinking. Estrella often role played with me to demonstrate how to interact with customers of another culture. She selects class content to meet my specific needs. The fact that I am now participating in this international project is due to Estrella’s contribution.

Akira Sugito, Information Technology Consultant, Japan, “Thought Grants a Wish”

P.S.   I find that it is helpful to have a PC and internet available during class. Estrella can write documents with great ease and speed.