Andre Benoit

“Hi!  My name is André, and I am a French student in the first year to become an engineer. Once a week, we have an English oral exam. It consists of commenting on an article (The Economist, NYT style), 15 minutes to read it, 20 minutes to perform & questions. This is a very feared exam. But not for me. Indeed, I had the opportunity to work a few times with Estrella CHAN to improve my phrasing, accent (I’m french after all!) and presentation. The least I can say, is “it just works”. The only pupil better than me spent 5 years in New-Jersey: that’s not fair. The thing is, when you want to convince someone of something, it becomes easier when you are more confident with yourself. As I said, I had the chance only to work a few times with Estrella, but I can only imagine how great this could have been if I could have stayed longer. And now, almost a year later, I can say that this was a great, and very useful experience: thanks to Estrella!”

Andre Benoit, Engineering Student, France