Angel Pacheco’s Testimonial

Dear Estrella,

I am very grateful for all the support that I received from you.  I feel very good about my improvement this last month.

When I arrived Seattle a month ago, I felt a little afraid to speak in English with other people in my job, by phone… I thought that my level was very low.  But now, I have learnt that I mustn’t be afraid to speak with other people.  Just try it in conference calls, in a meeting, wherever I want!

Before, when I was listening to other people speaking in English, I was thinking: what is the meaning? What is the meaning of this sentence?  I tried to translate to Spanish in my mind first.  And then I noticed it blocked me from speaking freely.  Now, I have learnt that I must just listen and forget about making correct English sentence in my mind!

Estrella is a perfect teacher for me, her technique is very diferent from the other teachers that I have had in the past. You can talk about differents topics, you can improve the pronunciation, you can learn to listen to the intonation, you can use her advice, etc.  She encourages you to speak freely!!

I have studied with her just four weeks, but I can assure you that it has been the best experience that I have had in my life regarding the English class!!! It has been very productive and very intensive.

Now I can understand better the American accent.  It was very difficult for me.  Now I have more confidence in English. I am sure that I will continue making a lot of mistakes but I know that it will be very natural because English is not my native language, but I will continue improving in the future.

Only one message more: most important is don´t be afraid to speak with anybody, just try it!!!

Anyway, you can contact me if you need more opinion about Estrella as an English coach! My mail is, and I will be happy to tell you my experience.

Best Regards,

Alstom Grid | International Sales Organization |

Strategic Key Account Manager, Spain