C.H. , Student of Marketing, Seattle, Washington

At first I was hesitant entrusting such an important essay as a college application to a complete stranger. However, I really needed the help and this service I found was my last resort before giving up. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t have been accepted into my first choice university without Estrella’s help.

Upon sending her my first draft she quickly identified my structural needs and gave concise advice on how to improve my essay. My essay flew back and forth as I got to personally know Estrella until my essay was exactly what the college admissions board was looking for. I will be forever grateful for her help. It was a service that I felt was well worth my money. Thank you Estrella!…

The results are in… I sent the essay to four schools. Within 2 weeks, 2 universities already accepted me. One even offered me a $5,000 scholarship. And I didn’t even apply for the scholarship! By the 3rd week after sending in my essay, I got accepted by my number one choice university! This university typically rejects 35% of its applicants. This year 45% were rejected due to increased applications from baby boomers’ children. Even AP students with a 3.9 GPA were rejected. And they want me to come so bad they called me and made some recommendations as to what classes I should take in the final quarter of my Senior year. They will transfer many of my credits and I can plan on obtaining my bachelors in Business Administration a whole year early!  Woohoo!!!

C.H., Student of Marketing, Seattle, Washington