Karla Alvarez

Dear Ms. Estrella:

I want to thank you for being an excellent coach! I appreciate your support, your patience, your ability to share knowledge, your time and so much more!

Definitely you taught me some techniques that I had never heard before when someone is trying to improve his/her English. Your non-traditional method makes you learn English faster rather than the traditional one. With your technique, you don’t even notice in which moment you learn English until you realize you’ve made progress!

You know that it’s not easy to come to a different country in which the culture, the language and even the food are contrasting but even with that, you can meet people so nice like you. In you, not only I’ve found an instructor but also a friend.

Once again, thank you for making me become aware of my surroundings and learn from it and of course encourage me to learn English every day, step by step.

Finally I want to say that I’m glad I met you and I wish you all the best!

Looking forward to meeting with you in the International Gathering.

Very truly yours,

Karla Alvarez, Mexico