Miroslava Rohacova

“I arrived to Seattle U.S.A, nearly one year ago. Even if I was very enthusiastic and eager to learn and to adopt in a new area at the beginning, later on it turned to be more complicated and difficult task than I expected. As many new people here, I experienced a lot of confusion started from simple things such as finding the shops, services , schools and learning programs and later at getting orientation in the job market in the Seattle area.

” As I wanted to improve my communicative skills in English, I learned to know Estrella. I can say, it was the best thing that could happen to me during this difficult time of cultural transition in Seattle. By talking about topics that interested me and later just by talking about my life here I not only got more fluent in English but I felt much more comfortable with myself. Estrella ‘s great gift to listen to people helped me a lot at easing all the tension living in foreign environment without knowing any or just a few people in Seattle. What is more, during lessons with Estrella I have even learned many interesting places in Seattle so I started to appreciate and focus on little nice things and areas of Seattle that made me feel better.

“Estrella is not just a good teacher for me, but also a great support, a guide full of understanding, patience and interesting and fresh ideas. Thank you.”

Miroslava Rohacova, Slovakia