Oleg Shmytov, Software Engineer

Estrella is a quite unique teacher who uses a variety of unique teaching techniques.  I believe she has a very personalized approach for each person she works with.  At least I felt it.  For some of you who may be thinking right now whether she can really help you I would like to share my personal learning experience.  Estrella gives you absolute freedom to choose an area you want to talk with her about and she lets you talk.  Moreover, more you talk more you find that she is a conversable interlocutor.  At the same time when you have pleasure sharing your sometimes-important thoughts with her in a lively talk she makes notes… and this is just one example of numerous techniques she has in her luxurious linguistic arsenal.  Thank you, Estrella, for all-important things you have generously shared with me during that time.

Oleg Shmytov, Software Engineering, Washington