T.K. Software Engineer

I am a software engineer. I knew my career would be better if I improve my English. When I started to work with Estrella, we focused on adjusting my pronunciation so it’s more clear. We also spend time improving my conversational English so I can chit chat with my co-workers. She asked about my career goals and dreams and advised me on American cultural skills I did not know about. I worked with her 6 times. One skill she showed me was interesting and new to me, so I used it, and I got the promotion I wanted in a short time.

About 2 years later, I contact Estrella Chan again to work on my writing. I also want to tell her that I used her many advice and doubled my salary. I am now working for a major software company. In our sessions, I also ask her to help me with my speeches that I have to give to decision makers. She points out where I can be more effective and shows me how to make more impact with my audience. I used her advice and the decision makers like my presentation very much. Not long after that I was promoted to a position that normally takes twice the time to reach. Maybe Estrella is my lucky charm.
“I did not ask my company to pay for my coaching sessions with Estrella. But I knew it would be well worth my investment. Estrella gives far more in value than the money I paid. I think Estrella is a good career coach for immigrants.

T.K. Software industries