How To Make Suggestions To Your Company

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How to make suggestions to your company. Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay.

Have you ever thought of an idea that would help your employer? An idea that could improve the lives of employees or help the company prosper? Maybe in the culture you come from, making suggestions to your company is considered inappropriate. Even perceived as disrespectful or arrogant. But what if you really believe you have a solution that benefits your company? If you are working in an organization that wants your input, there may be cultural habits that hold you back from sharing your brilliant thoughts. If so, here are some ideas on how to make suggestions to your company.

Effective Ways To Offer Suggestions

Present your idea in a form that is easily used by the decision-maker. This takes effort on your part because naturally you think of the problem and solution from your point of view instead of the perspective of the decision-maker.

Bring a solution

Your employer probably appreciates your input. Because they have other jobs to tend to, the more work you save them, the higher the chance your idea would be used. So come up with numbers, logistics. Solve specific problems you foresee and figure out the logistics of how you would solve them. With such a detailed suggestion, wouldn’t you give it more serious consideration if you were the boss?

Volunteer to participate in the solution

And if you have the time, offer to head up the project. This saves your boss a lot of time, which is much appreciated. Let’s say the company likes your idea. If they have already budgeted for potential solutions, and the numbers you come up with fit their budget, it will add to the probability that your idea would be used, if it makes sense to the company.

Most importantly, because you thought of the idea, you have a vested interest in seeing it through. Nobody will have as much passion about it as you do. So surely, you will see to its success.

Now, you have the satisfaction of solving a problem for the company. And you have also given your boss the opportunity to observe your leadership in action. Guess who your supervisor will think of when a promotion opens up?

Although your pure interest is in helping the company or helping to improve a condition for the employees, volunteering your ideas and service gives you visibility. Often, this visibility leads to more opportunities within the company. Which is another topic worthy of exploring.

So, if you see a way to help your company, and you have an idea how to solve a problem, think about offering the suggestion in a form that can be easily used by the decision-maker, so they don’t need to spend time figuring out the logistics. If you decide to experiment with this, please email me at and let me know how it turns out.

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