Immigrants: Do this to help yourself

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What can immigrants do to adjust more easily to life in Seattle? (Part I)

First of all, Happy New Year, and welcome to Seattle!
Moving from one country to another usually comes with excitement and challenges.
If you are a new immigrant to Seattle, here are some things you can do to help you adjust more quickly.
1)  Seattle is famous for its rain and lack of sun especially around this time of year.  If you feel depressed by this, there is a solution.
Solution:  Buy a  full-spectrum light.  It helps trick your brain into thinking there is sunlight, and your body will change your mood.  (email me to find out where to get full-spectrum lights.)
Solution:  Check with your doctor if you need more Vitamin D at this time of year, and if so, how much more.
2)  Join a group that you enjoy.  You are away from your friends and relatives.  Feed your mind, heart, and spirit and build a feeling of community in your new home.  What do you like to do?
Ideas:  Check out a website  Enter your zip code and find groups near you that share your interests.  You can type in:  walking, travel, ESL… for example.  Some groups may require approval first.  Go and see if you like that group.  If you don’t find anyone you want to talk with, go to another group until you start making new friends. 
There’s an international gathering that meets once a month at Crossroads Shopping Center with people from different countries.  I host this group the 1st Saturday of each month.  We also go on outings together to explore Seattle.
3)  Stay connected with people from your native culture.  Meeting people from your new culture can be exciting.  Staying connected with people from your native culture can help you feel an extra sense of “home” when you are building a new life in another country.
More ideas to come.  If you have questions, feel free to email me at
A wonderful 2011 to you!

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