Keep life exciting in the NW after summer

Last Updated on October 7, 2013 by Estrella

What to do in Seattle and Washington State after summer

Now that we have more rain to nourish the earth, let’s turn our attention to keeping the Fall season just as enjoyable as the summer in the Northwest.

Washington State is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.  Be a tourist and explore what it has to offer.  You don’t always have to get on a plane for a different scenery. 🙂


Here are some ideas, ranging from a few days to an afternoon:

1)  I was watching Northwest Backroads, and heard about a ranch in Washington where you can have the “cowboy/cowgirl” experience.

2)  Cascade Loop is known for its beauty and the Fall colors.  This link provides great info.

3)   I heard that there are 6 festivals in Leavenworth every year.  This is a town that knows its tourist industry.

Closer to home…

4)  Theo Chocolate in Fremont offers tours

5)  You can have afternoon tea (or lunch) at Queen Mary Tea Room, not far from University of Washington.

6)  For a smell of Hawaii, you can buy a fresh lei (shipped from Hawaii every week) at the Hawaiian General Store (near U.W. Seattle)

7)  Keep summer around by visiting Volunteer Park Conservatory.  Enjoy the orchids and tropical plants all-year-round.

8)  Then stop by a neighborhood cafe (not even the locals know about this cafe!)

9)  Email me with more of your ideas of how to enjoy Fall in the Northwest!


Here’s to feeling good all-year-round !






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