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hiking trails for Seattle
Explore the outdoors. Photo by Humphrey Muleba from Burst

Spring is here! The Pacific Northwest is blessed with natural beauty wherever we turn. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors that the Seattle area offers. In addition to parks and beaches, you can go on hikes both far and near. There are some between 30 minutes to an hour from Seattle. And some are easy enough for children. This article offers some hikes for families in Seattle, as well as those around an hour’s drive.

Hikes near Seattle

You have probably been to Snoqualmie Falls. If you live in the north end of Seattle, there is another hike very similar, only it has no falls. At the end of that trail is the beach. And there is no crowd here. You’ll probably encounter some regular visitors here, who prefer to exercise on a steeper hike. This is Meadowdale Beach trails, located near Edmonds. The address is 6026 156th St SW, Edmonds. The hike down to the beach probably takes less than 30 minutes. Like Snoqualmie Falls, the hike back up the hill can take longer. Even though you are in the city, it’s as if you’ve left the hustle and bustle.

Hikes an hour from Seattle

Another hike – an easy one – is Franklin Falls, near Snoqualmie Pass. This trail is so well paved that children would not get tired walking on this level path. Very well-maintained. You might want to climb down the rocks at the end of the trail so you can be next to the waterfall. Do bring a change of shoes. It’s easy to get wet if you get this close to the falls. And wear a water resistant jacket.

Nature walks in Seattle

If you prefer to stay in the city, the Washington Park Arboretum is worth a visit. Some of the plants in this 230 acre park are found nowhere else. It is free to the public, except for the Japanese Garden. Parking is limited, so it’s a good idea to use public transportation. The Japanese Garden is a manicured garden to relax in. Parking is easy here.

Books on hikes and walks by local authors

A friend of mine wrote Seattle Outdoors: Hiking & Cycling-Puget Sound and Cascades. Bob Dreisbach wrote this when he was 83-years old, after going on over 800 hikes. And, he took the bus to get to those hikes! He went to great length in this book to tell how to get to the trailheads, degree of difficulty. Not only does his book include hikes, Bob also includes interesting places to explore in the city.

Another friend of mine wrote a book with his wife for families with young children. It is available on Amazon. The title of the book is Go Strollers!!: Stroll around the beautiful nature of Seattle Washington with strollers, by KJMaria.

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