What to do for Christmas in Seattle

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If you don’t have plans for the holidays, but would like to do something interesting, here are some ideas of what to do for Christmas in Seattle.

In a previous article, I listed some activities to do for Thanksgiving.   Some of them are also good for the Christmas season.   However, since this is December, there are additional events to look into.   Some of them are known by many, but a couple of them are lesser known.

Christmas in Seattle (lesser known activities)

Candy Cane Lane is in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle, not far from the University of Washington.   Although many communities decorate the outside of their houses, few do it to the extent of the residents of Candy Cane Lane.   If you are not feeling the Christmas spirit, when you are here, you will.

23 houses (1920 Tudors) display decorations like gingerbread houses.  Each house has a different theme.   You can take your time if you walk.   However, it’s not necessary to find parking because cars drive through the circle very slowly.   And you can enter the circle again until you’ve had your fill.   This is a free event from December 8 to January 1, starting at 4 pm.  Here is a link to more information about Candy Cane Lane.

Another lesser known activity (and this is not limited to Christmas) is Wings Over Washington.   This is at Pier 57 in downtown Seattle.   This is a theater experience unlike any other.   If you want a unique experience of seeing Washington in 5D, this is a 15 minute experience you’ll remember.   Passengers are strapped into their seats and take an aerial adventure, as if you were a bird.   Mid-week is a good time to avoid lines, although with the holiday season, this could be different.   You can read the raving reviews here.   And you can read about hours and details on Wings Over Washington.

Traditional Christmas Fun

If you want to take your children to a parade of characters from Disney and other friends familiar to them, try Snow Flake Lane in Bellevue.   This is a free event that takes place every night at 7 pm from November 23 to December 24.   The whole event is only about 20 minutes.   A few tips here…  Unless you are in the front 2 rows, it is hard to see the entire parade, except for those on floats.   The characters do make their way into the crowd at the end.  

Expect a line when you park and when you leave.   I did see observers who stay indoor on the higher floors of stores inside Bellevue Square.   Or if you know someone who lives near the parade, you might have a better view from there.  I would wait 30 to 45 minutes after the parade ends before you go to the parking to avoid waiting in line.   Go shopping or have dinner first.   Oh, by the way, avoid NE 8th if you go on a Saturday!

Leavenworth is listed among the most Christmas-y towns in the U.S.    Even if you don’t make it to the tree lighting festivals, the village of lights is on from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s weekend!    Leavenworth has 4 festivals throughout the year.   And be sure to book your hotel early!   A client booked her Christmas stay in August.   And already most of the hotels were full.   Some prefer to stay in the next town about 20 minutes away for better rates.   Here is a link to Leavenworth village lights.

These are just a few ideas of how to entertain yourself during the Christmas season in Seattle.   For more ideas, please refer to suggestions in What to do for your first American Thanksgiving Holiday.

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