Where To Go For Mother’s Day Weekend In Seattle

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where to go for Mother's Day in Seattle
Where to go for Mother’s Day in Seattle. Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst.

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. What are your plans to celebrate this special day? Would you like to do something in the city? Or drive a little further and explore nature? This article offers a few ideas on where to go for Mother’s Day weekend in Seattle.

Celebration ideas

Tea House

Queen Mary Tea House is located near University Village. The decor is quaint. You’ll think you are no longer in Seattle. Even the bathrooms follow the theme of an English tea house. Queen Mary is open Wednesday to Sunday. If you are just dropping in for dessert, there is no need for reservation, as long as there is a table available. However, if you want to treat Mom to brunch or lunch, do make a reservation. They are quite busy.

What’s unique about Queen Mary is that the staff’s uniform, the china display, the upholstery, wallpaper, all works to provide an experience. Often, the owner, Mary, would come to say hello to each of her guests. And if it’s your birthday, be sure to tell them. You get to wear a tiara the entire time! That is, if you want to. It is listed in CNN Travels as one of the five great American tea rooms. Here is the link to Queen Mary Tea Room.

After your brunch, take a short walk to their Tea Emporium. Children of all ages would enjoy browsing through this little store filled with treasures.

Outdoor adventures for Mom

There are a couple of easy outdoor adventures for Mom this weekend. One is Deception Pass. It offers one of the most beautiful sights in Washington. In fact, Deception Pass Park is Washington’s most visited park. The best view is from the bridge. I have even see eagles at eye level. On one side of the bridge is a seating area. Bring a picnic with you. You’ll be dining to one of the most magnificent views! On the other side of the bridge is the staircase to the beach.

It would be wise to check traffic before you go. Starting this Spring, there will be a 2-year project to repair, restore, and repaint the bridges. Traffic may be heavier than usual. And construction noise too. You will also need a Discover Pass to park. Here is a link to Deception Pass.

Day Trip worth taking

A trip to the San Juan Islands is definitely a must on your “to visit” list. There are 4 main islands accessible by public ferries. Lopez, Shaw, Orcas, and San Juan. I highly recommend visiting Orcas at least once. You can drive to the summit of Mt. Constitution and see all the surrounding islands. This island is so beautiful that even Oprah bought a mansion here.

When the weather is nice, there’s often a long line at the ferry. I suggest getting an early start if you are taking your car. Once a ferry is filled to capacity for cars, you have to wait for the next one, which could be an hour away. If you just want a ferry ride, you don’t have to worry about the time of day you go. It is one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world.

Whale watching for free

Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island, is the most commercial island. Many whales are spotted here during whale season. If you don’t want to go on a whale boat tour, you can simply drive to Kiln Point Park and wait for the whales. I told a client about this park. Within 20 minutes, he saw many whales swimming by.

Friday Harbor caters more to tourists, therefore you might find more tourist attractions on San Juan. Even so, there are plenty of remote areas available for you to feel you are on an island all by yourself. Just spend time driving around the island.

Tips about Anacortes ferries

You pay for the round trip at Anacortes. If you want to see all the islands, you can buy a ticket for Friday Harbor (the last stop), then take the inter-island ferries to see the other islands. If you decide to do this, consider staying overnight, so you are not rushed going from island to island. Also, take wait time for the ferries into consideration.

There you have it. Three possible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. A special brunch at Queen Mary Tea room in Seattle. A day at Deception Pass Park. A weekend exploring the San Juan Islands.

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