A Busy Social Life With Little English In Seattle

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A busy social life with little English in Seattle
A busy social life with little English in Seattle. Photo by Pegleess Barrios from Burst.

This is an amazing accomplishment–to have a busy social life in a new city knowing just a little of the language. I met just such a woman recently. She is my newest client. She just moved here 3 months ago from half way around the world. And in this short time, she has become friends with many people. And with very little English. In this article, I’ll share some of her experience in how she got a busy social life with little English in Seattle.

How to quickly create a community

Find people with something in common

To tell my client’s story, let’s call her Sara. One of the first things she did with her husband was go to events where others from her country would attend. One was an international event where they can meet people from many cultures. Another was going to a church of their faith. From these two events alone, they met people who invite them to brunch and dinner.

Her husband also meets friends at work from his country. They too invite them for dinner. Between her husband’s co-workers and the new friends they already met, they have gotten together with friends every day of the week, not just weekends.

Meeting friends in ESL class

Sara is enrolled in a local college’s ESL class. Although she is in the most beginning level, she manages to communicate well enough with classmates from other countries that she invited several of them home for lunch. She is not one to put something simple together. She spends hours preparing. That’s part of the respect her culture shows to guests. A lot of thought goes into how to please the palate of her guests.

The lunch was a bit hit, with all this attention to details. Sara’s classmates loved the meal. After lunch, they show each other their country’s popular dances. Everyone had the most enjoyable time. Now, they wonder which of them would be the host next time.

Contributing to a community

Although Sara has only met this couple once from an event, she volunteered to help as soon as she heard the news. The couple’s new baby had some complication, and had to stay in the hospital with their newborn. Their friends worry that food in the hospital may not be the comfort food that the couple needs, so they each prepare a dish and brought it to the hospital for the couple.

Now THAT’s the spirit of community. Who would not feel a bond after this out pour of love? It really does not take much to go from stranger to friend.

No doubt, I will witness more amazing ways Sara connects with others. 3 short months in Seattle, and she already has a full social calendar. I think she will never be lonely here.

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