Free English Learning Resources For ESL Students

Free English Learning Resources For ESL Students
study ESL at your own pace

Last Updated on February 11, 2022 by Estrella

There are quite a few free learning resources for ESL students who want to improve their English.  Some do not have time to go to an ESL class or work with an ESL tutor because of their work schedules or family responsibilities.   If this is your situation, don’t worry.   You can learn from your computer anytime.

Free Resources to learn English for ESL learners

If you live in King County, you have access to one of the most used library systems in the U.S.   In 2017, King County Library System had the highest number of ebook and audiobook checkouts in the U.S.   The library system is so well used that the Bellevue Branch had to add a parking building for its patrons.

How to use the KCLS Online Library

You can access the learning resources without making a trip to the library.  Go to, click on ONLINE LIBRARY.   Under Formats, click on Education and Training.   The very first listing is Live Homework Help.   This is one-on-one real time tutoring via chat for adult learners, K-12, and entry college level on a variety of subjects.   Just click on the link, and you’ll be prompted to connect with a tutor.

Topics include:

  1. English language skills help
  2. MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint tutorials
  3. remedial skill building
  4. bilingual tutors
  5. college-bound help
  6. document proofing, in real-time and drop-off
  7. ACT/SAT practice course
  8. AP courses
  9. videos on basic education foundations
  10. WA State SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test preparation

In addition to tutoring help, there are resources for those who want to start a business.    There are handbooks with business plans for different industries.

Scholarships and business plans

Still under the Education and Training section, click on Gale Virtual Reference Library.   You’ll find volumes of business plans here.   In this same section, you’ll also find guides to scholarships, fellowships, and loans.   Every year, many scholarships left unused because nobody knew about them.   And it’s easier than you think to get scholarships.   There are private ones specifically for certain nationality, for specific majors, for females entering a certain field.   You can apply to more than one scholarship.   I read about a high school students who applied to so many scholarships that he got a total of $90,000 toward his tuition.

This is just an introduction to using the online library at   Take time to walk through the database.   You can get an entire education here.  You’ll need a library card number to use the database.  And if you are outside of King County, Sno-Isle library is also an excellent system with similar learning tools online.

So, if you want to learn English at your own pace, free of charge, or want help in preparing for college, for job interviews, these resources are available to you.  Your tax dollars pay for these services.

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